Structure and Anatomy of Light on the Human Body

Sabin Howard's Anatomy for Artists

Structure and Anatomy of Light on the Human Body

A 5 section webinar dedicated to translating the body into structural and anatomical terms.

There will be a strong emphasis on how the body is broken down into planes. This knowledge will enable you to construct the figure in a dynamic and vital fashion creating a sense of life.

Principles of light, massing, rhythm, and composition organized through the grammar of anatomy will be taught. After having worked in the studio for over 30 years with life models for over 50,000 hours, I have learned the figure in a way that goes well beyond what is found in artistic anatomy books. In this webinar, I am very happy to pass this education on to you. As a sculptor and draughtsman trained in the Classical ateliers of Italy, I see the element of 3 dimensionality and aesthetic beauty as of critical concern.

I will teach you how light is used to show the way the body is assembled. Light reveals the construction and structure of the body, and without light there is no form. I will pass on to you the secrets of how to subdivide the body into parts and how all those parts fit together to create a unified whole. The hierarchy of the figure’s masses will be discussed in detail.


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A professional training masterclass for the visual artist.


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