Structure and Anatomy of the Head

Sabin Howard's Anatomy for Artists

Structure and Anatomy of the Head

An intensive 5 session webinar that teaches the professional artist the critical foundations necessary to accurately construct the human head and face.

This webinar uses a three-dimensional approach; it is geared toward the sculptor or draughtsman. The course will share the underlying organizational lessons of anatomy and design from the Old Masters with artists committed to mastering the human head. 

Structure and Anatomy of the Head takes the formidable task of how to organize the complexity and hierarchy of all the smaller parts within the life model’s head, from the skeleton to the surface tension of bones and flesh beneath the skin. An in-depth analysis of each of the features, and how they are put together within the whole head, will be thoroughly investigated. The skull and its subcutaneous landmarks, the muscles, structural forms, subcutaneous fat, cartilage and tendons and ligaments around each of the facial features, will be explained to the smallest detail. This knowledge enables expression, force, and luminosity in an artist’s work. 

With these tools, you will be able to analyze and reproduce the tremendous amount of detail and specificity of this particular, crucial part of the human figure. This webinar will give you the understanding of how the skull and all its parts are put together and how to bring life force energy to your art in its translation from life. 

The knowledge from this class will change how you see the model through portraiture. It will ultimately increase your ability and creativity as an artist. This knowledge is organized by aesthetics and will give you a step-by-step methodology as to how to proceed through the framework and foundation to a highly detailed and finished form full of life force energy. 


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A professional training masterclass for the visual artist.


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