Anatomy of the Head and Core

Sabin Howard's Anatomy for Artists

Anatomy of the Head and Core

The Anatomy of the Head and Core takes the formidable task of how to organize the complexity of the figure as a construction from the skeleton up; it begins the series with a strong emphasis on how to re-create the vitality and life force energy found in the torso and connection into the head.

A 5 week course is designed to teach the professional artist the critical foundations necessary to accurately construct the human head and face and it’s connection to the core. This webinar uses a three-dimensional approach; it is geared toward the sculptor or draughtsman. 

The knowledge from this class will change how you see the model through portraiture and how to connect the head to the body. It will ultimately increase your ability and creativity as an artist. This knowledge is organized by aesthetics and will give you a step-by-step methodology as to how to proceed through the framework and foundation to a highly detailed and finished form full of life force energy.  

It will share the underlying organizational lessons of anatomy and structural construction of the figure for artists committed to mastering the human body with dynamic anatomical movement found in the head and core.

These principles of how the core of the body and connection into the head is structurally assembled, and how it moves through space, are the result of 30 years of Studio practice with over 50,000 hours of working from life models. This specific class was taught for 15 years at the best figurative schools in the country.


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A professional training masterclass for the visual artist.


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