Sabin Howard's


Webinars and Workshops

Foundations of Classical Figure Drawing

The critical foundations of figure drawing, step-by step

DISEGNO: Figure and Anatomy of Construction

The foundation of art

Anatomy of the Core

Principles of how the core of the body is structurally assembled

Anatomy of the Head and Core

Accurately construct the human head and face and their connection to the core

Anatomical Structure and the Dynamics of Movement Pt 1

Underlying organizational lessons from the Old Masters

Anatomical Structure and the Dynamics of Movement Pt 2

Create figures with great detail as well as dynamic movement

Structure and Anatomy of Light on the Human Body

Principle of Light, massing, rhythm, and composition

Structure and Anatomy of the Head

Critical Foundations for constructing the human head and face

Intensive Figure Construction

Professional training master class for the visual artist


Rodin and Michelangelo and the passion of design

Master Artist Sabin Howard is establishing a professional training system

Webinars work synergistically and enhance each other.
These workshops are classes taught for fifteen years at the best graduate figurative schools in the country, and is not found in any anatomy book.
The underlying secrets to creating powerful art will become part of your creative vocabulary and inspire your artistic process in a structure from the renaissance being re-established in contemporary terms.

Sabin Howard

Foremost Practitioner of Modern Classicism

Sabin Howard shares his secrets. These principles of how the body moves through space are the result of 30 years of studio practice with over 50,000 hours of working from life models.

Sabin Howard

Sculptor for the National WWI Memorial

Sabin Howard is currently sculpting the National WWI Memorial, a 58' long bronze relief to be installed in Pershing Park, Washington DC in 2024