Disegno: Figure and Anatomy of Composition

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Disegno: Figure and Anatomy of Composition

Disegno: The foundation of Art

The Italian word for fine art drawing is 'disegno'. But its meaning extends beyond the literal idea of draftsmanship. Disegno is the principle/method which underlies sculpture, as well as fine art painting and architecture. Above all, disegno constitutes the intellectual component of the visual arts, which justifies their elevation from craft to fine art.

This webinar has been created to educate the visual artist in how to elevate the figure to speak about something universal and sacred. The artistic skills to design and compose the figure and so raise the art to a higher level will be presented. The information will empower the student to progress in both design and composition enabling the visual artist to take the next step away from the generic studio representation of the model. 

What is form, and how is it revealed in the translation from life into art?

It is about the way the universe is assembled and how all the parts fit together in a harmonious hierarchy of importance within the whole.

By designing the figure using architectural solids, the figure becomes elevated and goes beyond rendering and copying.

Spirals become crucial in showing the energetic force of the figure. The concept of form as a convex mapping system of the whole body pushing out into space creates the idea of surface tension.

This webinar will help you distinguish your work from the mundane and generic every day model in studio art.  The main objective here is to create art that begins to speak about your own individual experience using intelligent systems of design in art found traditionally in the most powerful periods of art history.

Figure composition, architectural structure, anatomical construction, spiraling and rhythmic forms, concepts of light and shade, will all be covered in a return to the concept that the idea found in the Italian Rennaissance.


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